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We are a Hong Kong based eBay Seller (under the username "bigkeylee") with over 10,000 positive feedbacks!

All prices shown in BigKeyLee Store are in US dollar.

All products are shipped from our Hong Kong warehouse.

BigKeyLee Store
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Everytime when you shop in BigKeyLee Store, we record every dollar you spend on the SELLING PRICE (not the total amount you paid because the shipping cost is not counted) of the items. We base on your email address entered in checkout to count the selling price of your purchase. When your accumulated spending reaches every US$50, a one-time use US$3 coupon will be emailed to you and you can use it in your future purchase. There is no expiry date of the coupon. You can use it at anytime you want, or you can give it to your family members or your friends as a gift.


Only the selling price is counted, not the total amount and not the shipping cost.

- Only the selling price of your purchase made in BigKeyLee Store is counted. Your purchase from our eBay store is NOT counted.

- In order to accumulate your spending on the selling price, remember to use the same email address in every purchase. There is NO combination of the accumulated spending from two or more email addresses.

- Since the coupon is not generated by the system automatically, please allow one day for us to email the US$3 coupon code to you.

- Only one coupon code can be used in each purchase.

- The US$3 coupon is one-time use only. When you enter the coupon code in the checkout process, if the total amount of your purchase is smaller than US$3, the remaining amount of the coupon value cannot be used in the next purchase.

If you have any questions about this promotion, please feel free to contact us:

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